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We are the Grout Cleaning specialists of Phoenix AZ! Since 1997 Grout Magician Phoenix has provided affordable and dependable tile and grout cleaning and restoration services to the greater Phoenix Valley area.

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Grout and Tile Services:

Our highly skilled grout and tile cleaning team are equipped to clean, seal, and restore tile and grout – we even remove dangerous mold and address water damage!

Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Revive old grout! Before and after photos show how our grout cleaning and sealing service can transform the tile in your home.

Elimination of Mildew on Grout & Tile

We can rid the grout of all mildew that can develop over time.

Change of Grout Color

Change the look of your tile and grout without a complete remodel? We can update the look of your tile without its removal.

Grout & Tile Damage & Crack Repair

Settlement cracks can occur any time, even to new tile installations. Cracks can allow water to seep through causing damage.

Re-Caulking Grout & Tile

Bathtubs and sinks experience the most contact with moisture. We can repair the damage caused to the grout and tile.

Complete Re-Grouting

If the current grout is beyond repair, we are able to re-grout around the tile to save you from the costs of installing all new tile.

These child and pet-friendly techniques offer an affordable alternative to a full remodel.

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What our customers are saying:

Nancy, you are truly a grout magician. Not only did you transform and improve the look of the grout everywhere in our house, your crew also repaired and stained the grout between the bricks on our outside front entry and walk. The tile floors are so much easier to clean and the grout always looks good. We are very pleased with the quality! – Don and Jan Pardubsk
Thank you! I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy with the work that you did at my home. Your employees were out of the ordinary. They moved all my heavy furniture as I could not do it and they were very curious. My floor looks brand new. – Irene from Sun City
Impressed!I would like you to know that I continue to be very pleased with the quality of service and responsiveness… There were two factors in selecting The Grout Magician. The primary factor was the detailed explanation of the cleaning process that included the patching and repairing of areas in need of repair and the application of a concrete stain that acts as a permanent seal. – Robert from Chandler


Call: 602-326-6333 or

Hi! I’m Nancy

The original Grout Magician! Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway, dirt and mildew build up fast on clean tile and grout, causing discoloration and mold. Dirty tile and grout can make it seem like your home needs a complete remodel, if not just a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Fortunately, after a visit from Phoenix Valley-based Grout Magician, your dirty, moldy or mildewed grout and damaged tile will shine like new.

Why not take the guess work and back-breaking labor out of cleaning your tile and grout? From your first contact with our tile restoration team to the end of your grout cleaning project you’ll be amazed at what Grout Magician Phoenix AZ can do.

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Before and After

Take a look at our photo gallery to see before-and-after pictures of some of the Valley Area tile and grout our team of grout cleaning and renovation professionals has transformed – our work says it all! Get the look and lasting effects of a kitchen or bathroom remodel without the cost or time commitment.


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